Support Items List

Apple iPhone, iPad, MacBook pro, MacBook Air, Airpods, Mac Mini, iMac, iTouch, iPod, Mac charger

Samsung Galaxy Phones, Smart phones, Tablet, Laptop, Buds , Headphones.

HuaWei Smart phones

XiaoMi Smart phones, Redmi phones

Lenovo Laptop , Tablet 

Toshiba Laptop

Sony Smart phones, Laptop, Stereo sound system, amplifier, bluetool headphone.

Microsoft surface, windows 10, windows 11, 

Nokia phones, Nokia smart phones, 

google smart phones 

Motorola smart phone 

Acer Laptop

Asus laptop 

Oppo smart phones

Doro phones

Oneplus phones

JBL speakers

Beats headphones

Bose speakers

Sennheiser headphones

Nintendo switch 

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